Modify Your Home Loan

How to Modify Your Home Loan and Avoid Foreclosure

Kamala Felder is the founder of the Felder Group in northern California. By authoring her first book, Kamala hopes to provide homeowners with desperately needed information and assist in saving their homes from foreclosure. Kamala is currently a certified housing counselor who focuses on foreclosure prevention and home preservation. Her priority is keeping families together. She seeks to be an example to her children and others.

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Canadian Finance-Credit-Investment-Tax Superbook

This is a resource book to help Canadians with knowledge, resources, websites and contact information for all matters of money from opening a bank account to buying a car.

The chapters are as follows:

Chapter 1. Basic Canadian Information
Chapter 2. Canadian Money Information
Chapter 3. Canadian Financial Industry
Chapter 4. Canadian Banks & Credit Unions
Chapter 5. Canadian Financial Services Regulators & Watchdogs
Chapter 6. Canadian Stocks Info
Chapter 7. Canadian Bonds & Funds
Chapter 8. Canadian Savings Plans
Chapter 9. Canadian Insurance Basics
Chapter 10. Canadian Taxes 1
Chapter 11. Canadian Taxes 2
Chapter 12. Canadian Credit/ Debt
Chapter 13. Canadian Socially Conscious Money
Chapter 14. Canadian Consumer Basics
Chapter 15. Canadian Crooks, Cons & Scams
Chapter 16. Canadian Help & Assistance
Chapter 17. Canadian Telephone Basics
Chapter 18. Cars in Canada
Chapter 19. Canadian Miscellaneous
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car buying scams

“Walk In Drive Away Bad Credit is OK!”: The Truth about Car Buying Scams and How to Beat Them

Car ownership might seem out of reach for you if you have no credit or bad credit, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are so many options out there to not only allow you to buy a car of your own, but also to help you establish or re-build your credit. All you need is some know-how and diligence. This book will provide the know-how, you provide the diligence and it’s a done deal!

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Eliminating Debt

Building Wealth and Eliminating Debt: Preserving your Wealth (Alpha Kappa Omega Book 3)

This is the third book of the “Alpha Kappa Omega” series of books drawn from the title “Building Wealth and Eliminating Debt” and subtitled “Omega: Chapters 11-16 “Preserving your Wealth”. It speaks to the unfortunate part of our society whereby Scam Artists and Predators seek to derail your wealth strategy and to the pain of the foreclosure and bankruptcy process. It provides the knowledge and the wisdom to help keep you from fallen victim to the multitudes of predators and scam artists waiting to seize upon your slightest mistakes. Chapters;

11. Identity Theft
12. Watch out for Scam Artists
13. Avoiding Foreclosure
14. Bankruptcy an Enemy of your Estate
15. Savings and Investing to Complete your Wealth Plan
16. Conclusion
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Recognizing & Avoiding Get Rich Quick and Business Scams

In this book, we’re going to look at three of the most common types of business opportunity scams and how you can avoid them. Anybody can understand the skills used in this book. They are not secret, they do not require you to buy anything and, in fact, you learned some of them in elementary school.
What you’re learning here is not a great beacon of hope that will help you navigate the rocky seas of the business world. What you’re learning is more akin to a flashlight that will help you see through the fog generated by marketers, hucksters, multilevel marketing true believers and other types of fraudsters who, knowingly or not, try to persuade you to give your money to an enterprise or an individual who cares nothing about your success and who sells and you nothing but lies.

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Building Wealth and Eliminating Debt

Critic’s Review

“Especially noteworthy is the chapter on youth consumer debt. “ The strategy is to catch and educate them early before they lock in bad debt behavior habits,” it also provides a debt-elimination strategy.
With the intensity of a motivational speaker, Carradine’s writing clearly conveys his passion for helping people get out of debt, avoid scams, save money and shows readers that they can improve their finances.
A list of helpful references is provided at the end.”

Cindy Kryszak
ForeWord Clarion Review

This book is a financial literacy manual that can guide your prosperity strategy for years to come. It is not the typical Debt/Wealth manual it is comprehensive and “Value Packed”. The book delivers a holistic approach to debt and wealth management. It segments financial literacy into three areas; “The Psychology of Debt”, “Mastering your Finances” and “Preserving your Wealth”. It is loaded with several powerful strategies and tactics designed to help you avoid debt overload and build wealth. It will be the personal financial management resource that you can reference over and over again. The book contains a sweeping array of educational concepts and information on the subject of financial literacy (The new 2010 Credit Card Rules, Opportunity Cost, The Rule of 72, A comprehensive review of how the Mortgage Loan Process works, Valuable information on where to get government help on repaying Student Loans, The Advantages of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and much more).

Every chapter is packed with helpful information, from interpreting and correcting your credit report to improve your credit score, to providing advice on understanding and getting in front of the home foreclosure process, advice on avoiding over 20 plus money scams that can derail your wealth strategy to providing debt elimination and wealth building plans that can be tailored and modified to fit your individual circumstances. The chapters on identity theft prevention and resolution and avoiding foreclosure rescue scams are invaluable. There is a chapter on how to prevent and control youth debt that is filled with a wealth of information that will serve young consumers for a lifetime.

The information on health wealth and the impact that heavy debt can have on your health is an eye opener. The chapter on how to stay motivated on your journey to financial freedom by using the strategies and tactics provided will help you stay on course to accomplish your financial goal. The “Debt Buddy System” and the “Motivation Button” are two such strategies.

Feeling Suicidal: A Short Surreal Story About My Financial Problems

Book Description

This short story tries to be a satire on the madness of debt surrounding Western societies in the 21st century. It raises some thought-provoking issues about assisted suicide, income inequality and human stupidity. I must admit that it is a bit surreal, just as the world we live in is.

Feeling Suicidal — A Short Surreal Story About My Financial Problems

Dedicated to all the indebted people like myself who struggle to survive with minimum wage jobs.

“Buy a house! Go to college! Get a good job!” That freaking mantra still resounds in my mind to the point that I come to believe it is my true self. My reality is quite different though: I have about €90,000 in debt, no job, and a health issue that is limiting my ability to work.

All I wanted was an education (and a lovely little house) but now that I have a huge debt all I can say is that I should have known better… I’ve been brainwashed by the system.

It is really, really hard for me to accept that my personal life plan is over, certainly one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced in my life. I want to commit suicide because I can barely buy something to eat, which feels as if I’ve been denied dignity and self-respect.

I’ve asked for advice to a counselor, read dozens of self-help books, finance books, nothing works. No matter how I try to look at life with different eyes, it’s always the same thing. I can’t get out of that nagging spiral of negative thinking that says: I simply can’t manage to reduce my debt.

My debt will always be a constant struggle.

“Sharing your problems with others will help you,” my counselor suggests. “Why don’t you write an eBook?” OK. That’s what I’m doing right now, even though I am not sure whether or not it will be a good idea for you. I feel so uncomfortable at the emotional level where I am right now. My thoughts are those of a desperate man who’s already dead somehow. I am sorry if my speech is not consistent at times — this is a side effect of my medication.


This is a novel for the early twenty first century set against the background of the global financial crisis of 2007-08 and the rise of extremist terrorism. During the global financial crisis, financial institutions were threatened, banks reduced lending, and finance was difficult to obtain. This is a story of an elaborate off-shore loan scam involving forged safe keeping receipts and diamond trafficking, and the impact it had on the lives of the Australian applicants for the loans. It is a story of loss and recovery, deception and retribution. It spans several countries as befits the global nature of the twenty first century. It is a story of our times.

Elder Abuse: reduced to NOTHING

Growing old should not make you a target, not only for thieves and scammers, but your friends and family. The author is 71 years old and lives in a Lake community where many of his new friends are older than he. In many of the conversations he has had with the elderly community, it became apparent that over 50% of them have been financially abused and mostly by friends and family.

This book addresses the ways in which the elderly are attacked mentally and emotionally mostly by their own kids and siblings. The end game is always to take the funds that the elderly have put aside to live on in their retirement. No elderly person should ever say “It won’t happen to me”, because more than 50% are being taken advantage of by several different schemes and most of the time, they don’t realize what a foolish mistake they have made until they find themselves in abject poverty.

This is a quick read, but each story should be considered and you should think each through before you find yourself in a similar situation. Think of this book as forewarning you so that you can be forearmed. You should never deal financially with family or friends, on an emotional basis. Your Grandchild’s tears can cause you to do things, which with hindsight seem not very bright.

I’ve told my friends that they should look upon loan requests as possible gifts, if they are not willing to lose contact with the relative asking, because today’s world is different then the one we grew up in – work ethic is pretty much dead and many young people have a feeling of entitlement that we never had as young adults. That entitlement to them means they get whatever they want without raising a sweat to get it.

You unfortunately must deal with a rise in crime – people trying to cheat you out what you worked hard to obtain and some who will kill you to get what you own. I have heard about more than one situation where the people felt their own children might consider murder as a quick way to inheritance. Planning ahead can save you from the misery that can be visited on you.

Finally, if you’re middle aged and approaching old age, you might want to plan how you can escape some of the problems discussed in this book.

The Top “Main Street” Mortgage and Real Estate Scams of the 21st Century

The Housing bubble that burst in 2008 has turned to out be one of the biggest Ponzi Schemes of all times. Combined with the greatest display of unmitigated greed and fraud on the planet this deadly combination almost resulted in the total collapse of the United States economy. Much has been written and documented about Wall Street, Big Banks and the Federal Government and their role in this debacle.

Much less attention has been paid to the perpetrators on Main Street. We are talking about the neighborhood Real Estate Agents, Loan Officers, Real Estate Appraisers, Investors and Home Owners. They too, had their part to play and contributed greatly to this near catastrophic event.

The Top Mortgage and Real Estate Scams of the 21st Century uncovers and brings to the forefront the Top Scams, Act of Greed, Fraud and Corruption used by those players on Main Street to defraud millions.

GROW YOUR MONEY THE SMART WAY: A guide to investing in Multifamily properties, paying less in taxes, and earning great returns as you build your wealth and your asset portfolio quickly

What is it that you want said about you at the end of your life? That you worked 40, 60 or 80 hours a week? You didn’t get to spend much time with family? That you didn’t travel as much as you wanted? All because of working your job and collecting a paycheck?!

While you might love your job, you can still make choices that will add more quality to your life once you retire. There are ways to make your money work really hard for you so you can watch your retirement savings grow each and every month. It’s called investing in real estate, and that’s an option that takes us way beyond any paycheck, way beyond any savings account and way beyond investing in any pension plan so we can have a very comfortable retirement. As some would say, so we can put more gold in our golden years!

My wish for you is that in reading this book you will be inspired to follow my lead and invest in real estate, so you can have more time doing what you really want to do in life. (Even before retirement… long before!)

Credit Card Processing: Exposé: What every business owner should know to avoid costly pitfalls.

This book should satisfy all skeptics. It contains vast body of knowledge as well as practical advice to those merchants who have been defrauded, those who will be targeted soon, and to the rest, and so much more. Consumers can benefit as well. –Alex Nouri, Author

Many merchants are confused about the rates and fees associated with processing credit cards in their business. Many are defrauded by unscrupulous and fraudulent practices of sales representatives and the companies they represent.
That’s why Alex Nouri wrote Credit Card Processing: Exposé. As a sixteen-year veteran of the credit card payment processing industry, Mr. Nouri is well versed in how connivance, evasion, and even deceit by exploitative agents can victimize unsuspecting business owners. In his book, Alex Nouri exposes the underhanded chicanery business owners must watch out for. His book offers helpful guidelines to avoiding bad deals, making knowledgeable choices regarding credit card payment processing accounts, obtaining appropriate leasing information, and more. His guide for business owners includes tips on what to do if you believe your agent or processor has acted unethically, as well as advice to help navigate many precarious situations—such as chargebacks, cash advances, cancellations, and a lot more.
This book will educate merchants, consultants, CPAs, CFOs, lawmakers, law enforcement, and lawyers about the many practices in credit card processing industry. It empowers and puts the business owners on the driver’s seat.
Never-before released information on merchant cash advance, small equipment leasing, risk management, EMV (chip processing) and its flaws and poor execution, and more. It contains a clear road map on what to do to avoid issues and the steps to take if defrauded.


“Alex Nouri exposes many of the deceptive and unfair trade practices all too common in today’s credit and debit card payment industry. Business and organization managers will improve their profits by following the guidelines outlined in this book. Whether it is “tiered pricing” or “surcharges” or leases that cost $5,000 for use of a $500 piece of equipment or any of the other practices disclosed by Alex, these common practices cost the vast majority of small businesses thousands of dollars that should be going into their own pockets. Small businesses are treated by the courts as sophisticated operations with due diligence resources they simply do not have. Our laws need to be changed to protect small business people in the same manner that they protect consumers today from these unfair business practices. Merchants sign contracts of adhesion that are unconscionable but, incredibly, they are still valid in today’s courts.”

Robert O. Carr, CEO and Chairman
Heartland Payment Systems

“This book highlights the types of fraud that too many merchants are facing at the hands of unscrupulous processors and others in the credit card industry. For business owners, policy makers, and regulators, this volume is a trail of bread crumbs leading us to protect ourselves and the market for the benefit of business owners and consumers. A Must Read”

Jeff Irwin
Michigan House Representative
Three Terms 2011-2017

This is a well-written book, based on a significant body of research and long experience. It educates all parties involved, particularly merchants, in understanding how credit card processing works. The book identifies inefficiencies in the system and offers constructive ideas to improve it. It offers merchants advice on how to avoid costly mistakes and what to do should they have problems. Overall, an excellent and very useful guide.

Mehmet Uras, Ph.D.
Ayse’s Café
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Apply for Cash Online & Business in a Box! Car Loan, Home Repair, Business Loans Software

This EXCLUSIVE 1 Disc DVD contains a very special piece of software that helps individuals find the right loans for personal or business use. It is specially coded to make money for you while you obtain loans and pay for them! How To Use This Software? PERSONAL / BUSINESS LOAN The software is constantly updated with the best researched loan providers – mainly USA with Canada, UK and Australia Lenders. You simply fill out the forms for as many lenders you wish to qualify for (best you try one at a time and build credit). After you apply, follow the simple instructions on how to earn money to help you with paying back the loans and/or creating more income monthly. The software itself is YOURS! This means that you can take your disc and install the software on anyone’s PC who is also looking for a loan – you will earn income from sharing YOUR disc with friends, family and clients you can get from Craigslist, etc. You don’t need to do this, but if you want to make extra money while paying back your loans – this step makes it possible! AS A BUSINESS In addition to applying for loans, or solely for this 2nd purpose, you can use the software as a complete business model. You can offer your services to both individuals and companies to find loans for them. Note that in many areas, you are required to have a license to provide loans HOWEVER, you are not providing loans, only software to help a client find and apply for the loans themselves – it is important that you stay away from claiming or acting in the capacity of a loan broker of any sort. Simply state that your software has helped many clients find the right loan in a short amount of time for personal, business, home repair, car repairs, new and used car purchases, etc. Check within your jurisdictional regulations for the exact limitations! You can advertise on Craigslist and in your local communities and reach many people who are in need of money for any reason.


Scammers are intelligent, professional and well trained. They have no heart or compassion. They will take your last penny if they get the chance. They knowingly put your finances, trust, and even your family in jeopardy. Most scammers Work in Packs, like Wolves and are After YOU
What is a scam? A scam is when someone takes money from someone else while not providing the promised service or product. The programs are generally highly sophisticated, well planned and the principal person is versatile in responding to questions or problems that arise. Their trademark is the ability to think of a better lie to cover questioning of the original lie. The names they use are all fictitious but are worthwhile knowing so you can look them up on the internet. Unfortunately I destroyed my files a long time ago, so few names are provided.
Scams can be for small amounts of money or millions. They can be carried out by a single person, groups of people or even governments. We will look at the government scams later in the book. Whichever scam it is, YOU are the target.
In many cases, there are no jobs available for the potential scammer in their own country and they do not have the confidence and/or finances to look for jobs in other countries. Even highly trained and skilled people have problems finding jobs and those who find a job seldom get paid a living wage. Most scammers turn to this art out of desperation.

Leveraged Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Loans, Bonds, and Other High-Yield Instruments (McGraw-Hill Financial Education Series)

Public companies acquire most of their outside capital from debt fi nancing and, more specifi cally, leveraged finance–an asset class that falls somewhere between traditional fixed income and stocks. While this type of debt fi nancing carries significant risk to both investors and companies, the potential returns make leveraged finance a cornerstone of the modern financial markets.

Leveraged Financial Markets is a gathering of the most astute and informed minds in the business. The powerhouse editorial team of William F. Maxwell and Mark R. Shenkman have handselected contributions from the top practitioners and thinkers working in leveraged finance today.

The result is an authoritative guidebook that provides you with what you need to navigate the highyield market in the integrated global economy. Packed with a wealth of analytical models illustrating the realities of distress probabilities and losses in default, Leveraged Financial Markets gives you all the insight and strategies you need to:

  • Use the Sharpe ratio to measure the return versus risk for high-yield debt
  • Develop and oversee a portfolio of high-yield bonds
  • Value individual high-yield issuances

It also updates you on changes in the high-yield bond market and features in-depth coverage of numerous debt vehicles leveraged in the market today, including collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), credit derivative swaps (CDSs), collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), and leveraged loans.

Leveraged Financial Markets is your blueprint to becoming a virtuoso of this resilient and popular asset class.

The Whiz Kid’s Scam Guide: For-Profit Colleges (Everest, ITT Tech, Ashworth): Meet the Traditional, Non-Traditional, and Community College Student

The student loan debt is over 1 trillion dollars because an increasing number of students are going to college in the hopes of later finding a good paying job. For this reason, students feel comfortable accepting loans thinking the return they will receive through employment will offset the debts. The rough economic conditions are proving otherwise because the number of students paying late on their loans is exceeding the number of students graduating from college. As evidence, the student loan default rates have doubled and there are not enough jobs for everyone. The price of tuition is increasing as the overall amount of financial aid is decreasing and student loans still cannot be eliminated with bankruptcy. The for-profit colleges have very expensive tuition compared to the non-profit colleges. They claim they can provide a high quality education to the non-traditional students who may struggle to academically succeed in a traditional college setting- But are for-profit colleges everything they make themselves out to be? Research shows 90% of the money made by for-profit colleges come from the financial aid granted to students by the government. The majority of students paying late on their loans are for-profit college students. Coincidentally, the majority of for-profit colleges have extremely low graduation rates. Half of the students who attend a for-profit college do not graduate with a degree or diploma but only with debt. A growing number of peculiar cases are developing with the for-profit college industry involving aggressive recruitment tactics, the creation of fake transcripts, creation of fake visas for students, instructors not having advanced degrees, fake accreditation, and how a dog was able to earn the MBA.

LearnSmart for Practical Business Math Procedures

Practical Business Math Procedures provides students practice key calculations using basic arithmetic and problem-solving techniques within the context of real-world scenarios, such as in retailing, interest and loans, banking, payroll, taxes, investments, insurance, and a variety of other business situation for a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind study resource like you’ve never seen or used before. It’s engaging, personalized, and provides insightful instructional examples from the Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger’s, and other business journals.

What is LearnSmart?
LearnSmart is a digital adaptive learning platform that guides you through your course efficiently by prioritizing the important material. As you read your book, it helps you understand the topics you know, and then shows you what you still need to learn. It’ll ask you some questions to help you identify gaps, and prompt you to re-learn them.

Why LearnSmart?
Students who use LearnSmart are 35% more likely to complete their class. 13% more likely to pass their class. and have been proven to improve their performance by a full letter grade.

How does Learnsmart work?
LearnSmart uses revolutionary adaptive technology to build a learning experience unique to each student’s individual needs. It starts by identifying the topics a student knows and does not know. As the student progresses, LearnSmart adapts and adjusts the content based on his or her individual strengths, weaknesses and confidence, ensuring that every minute spent studying with LearnSmart is the most efficient and productive study time possible.
LearnSmart also takes into account that everyone will forget a certain amount of material. LearnSmart pinpoints areas that a student is most likely to forget and encourages periodic review to ensure that the knowledge is truly learned and retained. In this way, LearnSmart goes beyond simply getting students to memorize material – it helps them truly retain the material in their long term memory.

American Educational Living Mathematically Activity Guide, Financing For Your Future

The American Educational SR-1182 mathematical activity guide is used for teaching students how to finance for their futures, and emphasizes early financial planning for detailed study. Topics include compounding interest, the value of an education, pros and cons of credit cards, mortgages, and car loans for hands-on learning. The guide has national standards correlation sheets for comparing results, and is suitable for grades 9 to 12 and ages 14 to 18.

Science education products incorporate applied math and science principles into classroom and homeschool-based projects. Teachers in pre-K, elementary, and secondary classrooms use science education kits and products alongside science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) curriculum to demonstrate STEM concepts and real-world applications through hands-on activities. Science education projects include a broad range of activities, such as practical experiments in engineering, aeronautics, robotics, energy, chemistry, physics, biology, and geology.

American Educational Products, LLC, manufactures and supplies classroom materials and teaching tools for science and math education, as well as early childhood and active play products. The company, founded in 1986, is based in Fort Collins, CO.

Student Loans: Everything You Must Know About Student Loan Repayment and Student Loan Default

College is not cheap. Although there are many ways to pay for the education it usually involves some form of loan. The best ones are from parents because the payback time and interest rates are always much better. Since this source is not always available, the federal government has a program that will. This is the federal student loan program.

In this ebook, you’ll find helpful tips on student loan debt, student loan scam, student loans for dummies, student loan mess, student loan law, student loan repayment, student loan default and more.


Game of Loans: The Rhetoric and Reality of Student Debt (The William G. Bowen Memorial Series in Higher Education)

College tuition and student debt levels have been rising at an alarming pace for at least two decades. These trends, coupled with an economy weakened by a major recession, have raised serious questions about whether we are headed for a major crisis, with borrowers defaulting on their loans in unprecedented numbers and taxpayers being forced to foot the bill. Game of Loans draws on new evidence to explain why such fears are misplaced–and how the popular myth of a looming crisis has obscured the real problems facing student lending in America.

Bringing needed clarity to an issue that concerns all of us, Beth Akers and Matthew Chingos cut through the sensationalism and misleading rhetoric to make the compelling case that college remains a good investment for most students. They show how, in fact, typical borrowers face affordable debt burdens, and argue that the truly serious cases of financial hardship portrayed in the media are less common than the popular narrative would have us believe. But there are more troubling problems with student loans that don’t receive the same attention. They include high rates of avoidable defaults by students who take on loans but don’t finish college–the riskiest segment of borrowers–and a dysfunctional market where competition among colleges drives tuition costs up instead of down.

Persuasive and compelling, Game of Loans moves beyond the emotionally charged and politicized talk surrounding student debt, and offers a set of sensible policy proposals that can solve the real problems in student lending.